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Rena Airpumps / Tetra Deepwater


I have been using both, the Rena inside for the tanks, the Tetra deepwater for an above ground pond outside. Both are equally high quality airpumps, one of the best on the market, and highly efficient.......... smile.gif

Rena airpump

The Rena comes in different sizes - depending on what size tank you have - and all of them are equally quiet. Even after years of use I still hardly can hear my Rena, the motor does not work louder over time. And even after a running time of over 4 years, nothing has broken down yet.

When it comes to efficiency, there is no better one than the Rena. On my big one, the Rena 400, I have running up to 12 airstones at once, and there is no easing up on the power.

If replacement parts are ever needed, they are easily found online or at vvvv, and are just as easily accessable inside the pump, and installed. (Hubby took one apart, just for the fun of it!.... :rofl )

Tetra deepwater

I have bought the deepwater, not the regular Tetra airpump, simply because my above ground ponds are all 4 ft deep, and I was afraid a regular one might not be strong enough. Very efficient indeed, that pump, also available in a few sizes, me having the biggest one, with dual outlet. It works like a charm, even in the deepest spot in the pond, and I have the really big airstones running in there, 6 inches long from fiber glass.

Its a hardy pump, not a part broke yet after 3 years of use, and that is not an easy task, considering mine is sitting outside in the FLorida rain and sun. Hubby left this one's insides alone, so I don't know how easily replaceable parts are... :rolleyes:

As to comparison for those two, the Rena does do a little poor when the airstones are in deeper water, I had it running on that 4 ft pond first before I got the Tetra. While the Tetra on the other hand loses power when too many airstones are connected on it, but so far 6 stones are working fine.....

Both pumps are a bit more expensive then the ordinary ones from the store, or nnnnnn, but its well worth the money. Instead of 3-4 airpumps running you need only one, and that makes up in the price. And even more so, if you get it online... smile.gif

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