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Rainbow Digital Temp. Alert Thermometers


I just got these - whatever Grahamling needs, he gets! He was too cold - so we got him a thermometer! And the tropis will need very warms tank, too! What on earth did we do last winter...?



The giant one is for the GF tank - it is great - wherever I look I can see the tank temperature - as an added bonus, I can see the room temperature! And, with high and low alert settings, I will know if the tank gets too cold right away - works in reverse in the summer! This stands upright or can be mounted on a wall (comes with brackets and screws - oh yeah - comes with a battery, too)!

The little thermometer comes with all the same features it just displays one at a time, a switch on the side flips from room temp. to tank/water temp. in an instant. It also has sticky pads so the thermometer can be mounted anywhere. (also comes with battery)!

I was carful not to place the probe too close to the heater - any advice on the best place to put it? mid-level inthe tank, bottom, or closer to the surface, away sorm air bubbler? I guess I will experiement while it is not too cold...

BTW - I was using the plain old traditional thermometer and it really works just fine! But, the numbers were very small and hard to read as often as I wanted to! I think they are very fine gadgets and I have used them elsewhere in the house - this is just a nice upgrade I am very pleased with that I thoguht worth mentioning. smile.gif

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