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Have you ever used Praziquantel or Droncit to treat your goldies for flukes? Didn't you just have a wonderful time trying to get the powder dissolved in the water? Oh, and how can you ever forget the utter ecstasy you felt while you were looking at your measuring spoons trying to figure out how much to use when the instructions say 50 grams treats five thousand gallons? I had such a good time mixing prazi that I learned all these new four letter words while I was shaking a milk jug and squashing lumps with the back of a spoon. Heck... I learned them so well my goldfish were cowering in the back of the tank by the time I got the prazi poured into their aquarium.

Well, if you didn't really enjoy mixing prazi powder in water, or if you just don't want your kids to show off their newly learned vocabulary at school try PraziPro from Hikari's Aquarium Solutions division.

PraziPro is simply Praziquantel dissolved in an inert solubilizing agent (oxybispropanol). And get this... The instructions are to use 1 teaspoon per 20 gallons of water, which results in a concentration of 2.5mg/L ... no more grams per gallon.

Find out more at


PraziPro is (or will be shortly) available at LPSs that sell Hikari products or on-line from Goldfish Connection.

I recently used this product to treat flukes on a newly acquired fish and it worked as well as the powder form of prazi. I highly recommend this product... that is, unless you feel the need to expand your vocabulary of four letter words.


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When I first diagnosed flukes on my fish, I could not get the PondPrazi powder soon enough. So I picked up some PraziPro in the LFS. I was not impressed.

It did not seem to even slow the flukes down - after a full round of the treatment, I still had a heavy infestation. The bottle was substantially more expensive per dose, it came in small volume -so to treat all my tanks would require a dozen or more bottles. I think the percentage of Prazi that was in the Prazi pro was too low to affect the flukes I was dealing with.

I have found that, as annoying as it is to shake the PraziPond powder, for me it was by far the more effective treatment. I ran the full course of treatment with it, and have not scraped a fluke since.

Besides - I like having muscles like a body builder - some people pay big bucks to go to a gym - I just heft water and prazi jugs! ;)

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I had just gotten 2 new goldfish and used prozipro in their quarantine and also loved it. It was very easy to use and dissolved quickly. I can see if you had to treat a lot, mine was only a 30 gallon tank.

I would recommend it.

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I have used the PraziPro powder and I didn't find it too bad. Yes, it is a bit of a pain shaking and pounding it, but it doesn't take long before you can pour it in. And it certainly takes care of those pesky flukes! :)

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There are actually two separate companies selling a product called Prazi-Pro, and there is quite a difference between these two products. One is a liquid the other a powder.

The liquid form is made by Hikari's Aquarium Solutions division. I think it's definitely the better and most cost efficient of the two. 4 ounces of Hikari's Parzi-Pro will treat 480 gallons at a concentration of 2.5mg/Liter of Praziquantel, which is exactly the same concentration of Praziquantel as you get with Prazi Pond when the Prazi Pond is mixed according to the instructions. I can get 4 ounces of Hikari's Prazi-Pro at my local pet store for $13.99 plus 6% sales tax which makes the cost of this product slightly less expensive than buying a 10 gram jar of Prazi-Pond. I've used this product and it does kill flukes.


The powder form is made by Aqua Sciences, and is the type of PraziPro sold by goldfishconnection. According to goldfishconnection, 100 grams of this powder will treat a 55ga tank three times (165 gallons). I haven't used this product so I don't know how effective it is at killing flukes


I have no idea why two companies would sell a product with the same name, but since they cost about the same... Hikari's liquid form seems to be the hands down winner between these two, and a tie with Prazi-Pond.


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Hmm - This doesn't sound right to me - 4 0z. bottle of less than 5% Paraziquantal by weight will treat more water than a 100g bottle of 100% Praziquantal (3.5 oz. total weight)? Both bottles seem to indicate that they contain 2.5mg/L of medication once dissolved in tank water but this does not work out as far as the other information... because the directions are entirely different for both meds.

If they are actually both at a concentration of 2.5ppm Praziquantal dissolved per instructions then the liquid product would not have as effective a treatment becasue it does not dose as frequently, thereby not maintaining the concentration necessary to discharge flukes. The Hikari product recommends:

A single treatment lasting 5-7 days is normally sufficient.? Repeat as necessary, but no more than once every 3 to 5 days.

Whereas, the powder product of same concentration is more potent as it is recommended by AquaScience to dose:

Redose the water on a daily basis with partial water changes before each redosing. Treat for 5-7 days

If one followed the dosing of the Hikari liqiud, the flukes might not disappear (in my experience) but by following the powdered AquaScience dosing while using the liqiud Hikari, it might work. It would be interesting to test the two... using the same dosing regime - to see if one is indeed more effective than the other...

I have used the powder successfully and I don't mind shaking it. Generally, the shelf life of a liquid solution will be shorter and may deteriorate more quickly than a safely stored powder. There is an expiration date on the powder (I do not know about the liqiud) as well as a code date - probably indicating when it was made and or what batch. So, I know if the product is effective as a medication any longer. I will never know how long the liquid has been on the pet store shelf...

I perfectly happy with the tried and true powder - and for those who prefer to try liquid - here's the rest of the directions ;) :

Shake vigorously before use.
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