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OceanVision Backgrounds Review - With Before & After Pics



One of the problems of multiple tanks at least for me, is that every time I want to re-do them something comes up - and something always comes up.

I've replaced one 55 with glass as a substrate which you guys have seen pictures of, but my tanks still had that "fish tank" look. I've had the same Sea view backgrounds for years - it was defiantly time for an upgrade.

Here's what I know about interior design, you start with the floor, and then the walls. That's the limit of what I know - and that's not much.

But like the old saying goes about Art - if you like it, it's good.

The easiest and least expensive upgrade I could think of was the background. So I had read some terrific reviews about Oceanvisions and ordered a few feet of the Crystal Black.

If anyone has used Sea view Backgrounds and the Sea View mounting gel the application is similar - to a point.

Oceanvisons is more like a giant "sticker" it's a 3 ml thick reflective Vinyl with a clear protective film on one side.

The adhesive is crazy sticky, so be very careful when applying it - it's a major advantage to have someone help you.

The application isn't brain surgery - well, except for me.

(I had measuring tapes out, rulers, a compass, a protractor, drafting table, CAD codes loaded on the computer, Tech support on one phone line and Mensa on the other)

There were supposed to be instructions included with what I ordered but there wasn't. It was easy enough to go to the Manufacturers site and get them.

* Fit the background against the front of your tank and use a razor blade and ruler for a good even cut.

* Clean the back of your tank as best you can, get all grit, grime and any other glue or tape residue off.

* Wipe the back down with soapy water (this is the odd part) then you do the same to the sticky side of the background

(They recommended using a small amount of Dawn dishwashing liquid)

The soapy water only buys you time - it allows the background to be moved and positioned before the adhesive sets, so work fast.

Once you've got it in place use a credit card to push out all the air bubbles and any wrinkles or folds.

Just like with Sea View the only thing that really does a good job of this is a Credit or similar type card, Of course you want to scrape downwards so soapy water doesn't get into your aquarium.

The backgrounds aren't permanent and can be removed whenever you like. The residue left on the tanks glass can be removed with a little soapy water, or safe tank glass cleaners.

It's a great product and adds a dramatic, elegant effect to your aquarium - without taking the emphasis away from your goldfish.

In fact it gives them brighter visibility, and makes your tank look larger and deeper.

Oceanvision backgrounds come in Crystal Black, Light or Dark blue, green, mirror and Silver.

I also picked up stealth black airline tubing which disappears against the background - it's great stuff as well.

Here are some before and after pictures of the same tank:


Before - Yuck! What was I thinking?


After - a little better.

It's a great product if you like this kind of solid background, I'll be ordering more.

Oceanvision backgrounds sell for $4.99 per foot - The black stealth tubing $4.49 for 25 feet.

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  • Admin

Hey guys speaking of Cling on Backgrounds. Im still working on it, but Dugan a member here and a dear friend of ours. Makes banners at the Tintshop I work at. He will be making these backgrounds and if you have a big enough photo, he can make costume back grounds.

right now I dont have a page for him, but I do have his business email if you have questions or if you would like one. :thumb:

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  • Regular Member

Looks great, did you take your tank part to put it on?

Thank you for the compliment - you don't have to take your tank apart at all. If you use HOB filters you would want to take them off. For canisters, just move the hoses to the side along with any other wires, tubing etc.

What's left to do is simply place it and smooth it out. It's water proof and prevents salt creep, sludge and spills down between the glass and the background - because it clings so fast to the back outside wall of your tank.

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  • Regular Member

This is fantastic and it looks great :) I like having a solid black background on my 29 but I have to use packing tape to keep it on and you can see the water spots on the back ( :o )

Thank you for the good review, this is a product I will definitely try :thumb:

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