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Airmaster Pump


One of my upgrades on my 55 gl tank was a full length flex air bubble bar. My old air pump went out, noisy thing it was too and without enough umphhh to really do the job.

So I purchased a new air pump, Airmaster 3000 by marineland. Fairly priced & reseanable. I'm really likeing it, packs a good punch, I had to turn it down some even! Its very quiet and nice and came with a anti siphon valve as well.

Very nice, the folks at Marineland have done well! biggrin.gif

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Is it quieter then the Renas or do you not know? My tanks right next to my bed, and I have Top Fin air pumps on them that are just crazy loud. I turn down the dial every night on the big one. I was wondering if the big sized Renas would be louder then the Top Fin turned down cause I don't think the Renas have a adjustment on them.. but I'm not sure. Hmm. They're expensive though.

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The cheapest place I found for a Rena was from Big Al's (the 400 was only 50 bucks or so & it was between 80-90 in my lps).

The smaller Renas dont have an adjuster but the bigger ones do.

I found that by oversizing the air pump for the tank (by alot) I can keep it turned waaay down & the thing runs almost silently & I still get enough air. (My 37 gal is next to the TV & it was driving us nuts. Then I noticed that my 2.5 gal was silent & I finally figuered it out)


I do use only Rena's now though. I tried a lot of different brands & just ended up returning them (An employee gave me a really weird look when I asked to plug it in in the store before I bought it - I was so tired of returning them! ) :ignore

So far the Rena's have been the quietest of the lot.

Just my 2 cents!

:D Jenn

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Thank you for that. I think the Rena 400 is about 80 at my LFS. I will definitely look around on the net first. Thank you.

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Having air bubbles in a tank - from an airpump and a bubble bar/disk/stone lifts the water from the bottom of the tank to the surface of the tank, increasing circulation and incresing the oxygen that is contained in the water. The oxygen comes from the water having contact with air - at the surface mostly, but to a lesser degree from the bubbles. The larger the bubble, the less surface area for the air and the water to mix, so you really want to have as small a bubble as possible. Millions of tiny bubbles have a lot more surface area than hundreds of larger bubbles.

In a tank that is deep, oddly shaped, under medication (which can often dramatically reduce oxygen content or fish's capasity to process the oxygen), or is warmer than usual (in the summer particularly), extra oxygen is not only a good thing, it is essential.


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Yes its silent running and I have it set up on a pump tray hanging between my two filters.

Mine is on a flex bubbler wand and according to my DO test: 12mg/l this is set up on a 55 gl with double emporer 400's.

The pump is made by marineland who also makes Penguin and Emporer filters.


This tank is maxed out you could say! :D

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Hi - How is that airpump holding up? I have not seen those - where did you find it? I would like to compare that to a Rena of similar size... Thanks!

I have noticed this, too, and have been thinking of an upgrade on this principal:

I found that by oversizing the air pump for the tank (by alot) I can keep it turned waaay down & the thing runs almost silently

It also gives me room to adjust the amount of airflow if the temp goes up, the fish is sick, or whatever else might require increased O2.

I have been wondering if the spray bar being placed above the bubble wand was a good idea or not (it is the only place for both) but Daryl has answered that here! Thanks - again!

I get these microbubbles that float around in the tank - sometimes it doesn't look so pretty (like the tank is foggy) but if its good for GN, it's very cool!

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