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if you ever have any obscure technical queries about the products that you use, you can obtain info from many of these sites about their products. most of them even have a section where you can submit questions that arent answered in the manuals or on the site. heres a list that ive compiled of many of the best aquatic product manufacturers:

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals rena/filstar filters, medications, additives

Aquarium Systems everything you need

Eheim fine filters, bio-media and accessories

Kordon, Aqua-Vet medications, additives

Aqua-Clear, Fluval and more everything under the aquatic sun

Jungle Labs medications, additives, food

Marineland Labs pretty much everything you need

Tetra also, everything you need

Kent Marine foods, additives tapwater filters

SeaChem bio-media, additives, medications

Perfecto tanks, stands, hoods, accessories

Hikari fine goldfish, koi and tropical foods

Danner Supreme, Aqua-master and many more peices of hardware

i may have missed a few good ones (im sure of it). so, if youve got a good one that isnt represented on this list, please post the link here. manufacturers homepages only, please. smile.gif

i hope this helps! biggrin.gif

(I'll be updating this from time to time. so, bear with me if it ever looks a bit unedited. thanks)

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