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Turn Your Python Into A ,


I have had my 300 gal Rubbermaid Stock Tank (pond) for a few months now and enjoy it very much as do my fish. It is under my patio and receives partial morning sun as it faces the east. Cleaning the pond has been very easy, I do 50-75% water changes every two weeks or sooner if needed. My water chemistry has been excellant through the summer and the temperture, which I was really concerned with, has been steady between 72-75 F degrees. One of the concerns I had with cleaning was being able to get anything off the bottom, mainly pine needles, poop and on occassion uneaten food.

This is what I did. I took my Python to a vacum cleaner repair center and bought a new floor attachment that fits snug on the end of my Python.




It has the soft bristles to get the bottom clean but does not really take off my green algea, which I did not want to loose.

I then attached a, old broom handle so I could push it back and fourth and reach the entire pond!





I have no problem with the lenght of the Python going from my kitchen sink to the pond, but if it did not reach I have a regular garden hose that attaches to the Python that I use when I clean my tropical tank, which is too far from the sink.

Hope this tip can help some of you with the smaller ponds.

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