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Tip: Cleaning Your Syphon Hose


About a week ago, I asked the question of what to do about the black/brown GUNK that has accumulated in my gravel vac hose. Not an uncommon thing to happen. Gunky water gets trapped, mold develops. And how difficult it can be to get at the gunk that has decided to make the tube its permanent home! It was suggested that I use a diluted beach solution. Well if you, like me, are not fond of working with the chemicals in dire fear of not having rinsed it out well enough :krazy: then this is the solution for you! And why buy a new one, when your old one is still shiny and new beneath all that gunk!!

The simple answer?? A straightened metal coat hanger! Straighten it to the best of your ability, but dont worry about any small bends and kinks. They just add to the simplicity of cleaning! Now once you have the hanger straight, thread it into your tubing, being sure to pass the wire end over any gunk that you see! Once you think you've got most of the grime scraped, run some water through it under your faucet. You'll be just amazed at what comes out. :P If the hanger doesn't reach all the way to the end of your tubing, turn the tubing over, and repeat!.

Anyway, to make a long story short and end my "infomercial" ;) , it works really really well. I actually even surprised myself at how well. I wont be making the same mistake of letting the gunk build up. It shall be hung up from the middle with the ends draping down to the floor from now on!!

:) Happy Cleaning!

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