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Tank Dividers


well, i have recently been trying to find a tank divider to go into my 6 gal, so i can have 2 bettas in there. This has prooved a little tricky, as i cannot find the specific size anywhere. Then the other day i saw one of my old Under Gravel Filters that came free with a tank i got and have never used. Then it hit me that that would make a perfect betta tank divider! It has gaps in it to allow water flow, but not big enough for our betta friends to catch site of each other!

I took the measurements of my tank, and then cut the UGF to size, sanding down any sharp edges with a nail file, and rinsing it under a tap to remove any excess plastic

This acts as a perfect divider, at a very cheep cost. Even if you dont have a spare UGF, they are very cheep at lfs's, about £3.99 ($6.50?) smile.gif

You can also make the gaps a little bit larger with scissors if you want to, so you can weave plants in and out of it, to make it look prettier, i spose thats a personal choice smile.gif

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That's a great tip with the UGFs Tink....I bet weaving plants through it really looks nice too. Did you do that to yours? :photo:;)

I made my dividers for the betta tank too out of plastic canvas from the needlework section of the craft store and folder binders....MUCH cheaper than the store bought ones. :)

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That is a good idea for smaller tanks. I have used the craft mesh, too. I held mine in place with suction cups.

I have seen people weave the plants through and it looks great!

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