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Taking Better Fry Pictures


Ive been having difficulty taking pics of my one and two week old fry. I don't have a state of the art camera and I don't know much about taking pictures well. The fry are so tiny...it is a tough job.

Then I had an idea of holding a magnifying lens above the fry (the water is only 4 inches deep so it is a good distance for a regular hand held 3.5 x lens. Then with the other hand I take a photo of the fry smile.gif

It is simple and cheap.

You need a cheap hand held lens like this oneIMGP1079.jpg

Tiny fry magnified using lens with cheap cameraIMGP1056.jpg

Now I can share my fry instead of sharing my blurry dots biggrin.gif .

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That works good imogen he is so cute and so little. Its amazing what we can get our minds to do.when we want something bad enough :rofl . Keep the pics comming I love to see these guys growing. :heart

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Heres' some better examples. You can see the edge of the blue magnifying lens in these shots. For camera challenged people its so easy to get a close up like this.



In this pic without the lens you couldn't see any fry! Here's with the lens:


You could even use the lens to photograph a sore place on a fish when asking for help in D&D.

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