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Fun And Inexpensive Tank Backgrounds


I had an epiphany while searching for black aquarium backing. An LFS wanted $3 per foot of paper backing that wasn't self adhesive! I wasn't going to spend $12 on paper then have to find a way to attach it. I am an avid sewer so during my random wanderings at Joann Fabrics I decided to try vinyl!

Vinyl is waterproof, durable and easy to manipulate and glue. I went to Joann fabrics and purchased 20 inches of vinyl. Since the roll is already 60 inches wide it easily fit my 55 gallon tank without seams. If you have a tank that is longer that 60 inches wide then you will have to buy the length of your tank or find a way to hide a seam. You can find vinyl in any color, texture and finish imaginable, it is very durable and will hold up to several background changes without tearing. So if you are tired of plain black or blue go search your local fabric store (and if you want to save money on black and blue then go there too!) If you go to Joanns be sure to check the "red tag" and clearance section

here are the 2 rolls that I bought. I spent less than $4 on each.


I ended up using the glitter vinyl. I taped it along the top rim of my tank and used rubber cement down each side then taped it loosely to the bottom. The vinyl actually looks better if it is not pressed tightly against the glass. Since its so easy to attach it is also easy to change your color.

here are a couple of tank pics (please ignore the dirty glass)




and a video smile.gif


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good work :) ... i enjoy the concept.. but i see that for my liking, the speckles makes the water look like there's prazi in it.. i love to take heaps of videos of my fish, personally, the speckles would reflect light in different directions and would bother the focus of the video.. something ppl should consider.. but using the vinyl is a fab money saving idea and there are many different artistic disgns to choose from.

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I like it! :painting:

You know the adhesive drawer/cupboard lining you buy and put in the bottom? That's what my blue background is. It's exactly the right width, I just had to cut the length and tape it on. Only a couple bucks. :D

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hahaha a black towel, i love it. Hey Kul, I love the glitter vinyl, really pretty. who doesn't like that! Nice!!

I used Christmas wrapping paper on one of mine, cuz it had fall leaves on it, so it's pretty :)

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What a neat idea! :) I love the look of a shimmery background, plus saving some extra moolah means more money to spoil the finbabies and myself with...Awesome post! I'll be looking through my local thread shops for some cool vinyl. :)

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