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Fresh Food Trick


I thought this tip might be useful to those with small goldies.

I like to feed my goldies fresh foods like peas, melon, lettuce, etc. Well, my fish are still quite small. The lettuce is easy because I can just clip it to the side of the tank. But with foods like peas, grapes, melon, cucumber and so on I found that it was time consuming and messy trying to mince them into small enough pieces.

Here's my little trick. I use a garlic press just like <a href='http://www.surlatable.com/common/products/product_details.cfm?PRRFNBR=5692' target='_blank'>this one.</a> I just pop the amount I want into the little reservoir and, presto, instant perfectly sized peas or what have you. Simple as that!

Hope that it's a help to some of you! :)

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:D Thanks guys!
If the garlic crusher can crush garlic it can crush anything.
I actually got the idea when I was making some pasta sauce and thought the same thing as Siansy said! It really does work nicely. :)
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Hey, a bit 'off topic' i suppose but how exactly do you clip lettuce to the tank? there's nowhere to join it onto on my tank.... :unsure: a tad confused!!



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They make clips that you can buy in a pet shop. It works on the same pricipal as a clothes pin with a suction cup attached.

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