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Emergency Goldie Kits


We talk of them often,and it didn't dawn on me until recently that noone's ever done it in a tip of the month. :lol:

Having these things in an emergency situation can save a goldfish for sure.Here are some of the things in my kit. smile.gif

Dev's Emergency Kit


*Test Strips--I use mainly the drop test kits,but I always keep these on hand for quick readings

*Salt- one of the safest and "Must Have's" in your Home

*Epsom Salt--good when treating for Dropsy

*Medicated food-I use Medi-Gold from Goldfish Connection---One "must have" product for sure.Good for treating new fish and sick fish

*Maracyn,and Maracyn II-These cover both Gram Negative & Gram Positive Bacteria,and a good all around Med

*Hydrogen Peroxide/Neosporin-Good for swabbing Ulcer's,injuries

Tweezer's(Anything from picking off lice-to Rock's stuck in goldfish mouth)

*Jungle Fungus Eliminator--------- Jungle Parasite Clear------------- These cover Fungus/Columnaris/Parasites/Bacterial,etc.

*Prazi--More fish than you realize come with flukes.All new fish of mine get treated and put in Quarrantine with this and salt.

*Carbon-good for taking meds out of water

Cure Ick/Rid Ick for fish that can't take salt

*Q-Tips---Cotton pads

These are my basic's. I have other things in there also,but these seem to be the most used things. smile.gif

I try not to keep too many meds because of expirations and such,and I usually stick to the main meds that I know usually work. Along with this,I have another part of my emergency kit that includes

*Extra heater's

*Impeller's for a couple different sizes of filter's(Learned that the hard way)

*Extra airstones & Bubble Wands to use when treating with Meds

Aquarium Sealant (Everyone should keep it around)

*PP-Pottassium Permanganate (PP)

Use: PP is affective against most pathogenic bacteria, flukes, columnaris, bacterial gill disease, fungus, most bacteria on body and fins. PP is also great for disinfecting plants/Tanks & equipment. smile.gif

*An extra Power Strip

*A Breeder's net,and a plastic floating basket to seperate a fish if injured or floating into the filter's

* Filter media/Bio balls,etc -in case I need to start up a new tank

I'm probably forgetting a few things here,but these are good basic's that have saved me a few times-for sure!! :lol: Fish

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