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Another Betta Tip!


well recently i have noticed that one of my male bettas seemed to be a little in-active. All tank stats were fine, and so i though maybe he was a bit lonely smile.gif i then added one of my females into the tank, within a column, so that he couldnt reach her. Well, this perked him up enormously!! :lol: although this method was effective, for obvious reasons i couldnt keep her in there for too long, so i went out and bought a little plastic budgy mirror smile.gif they are completely safe to use within the tank, and you can fix them very easily using a little suction cupwith a hook on the end (bought very cheeply from a bathroom store, another great use for these things :lol: ) to the lid of your tank. this keeps him very happy, and he has since made me a HUGE bubble nest! As i mentioned, these mirrors can be taken out from time to time to prevent 'over-stressing' him by simply un-hooking them from the suction cup and giving him some relaxation time to build his bubbles :heart

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