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An Inexpensive And Easy Quarantine/hospital Tank

Black oranda

An inexpensive and easy Quarantine/hospital Tank for goldfish

Many people can not have an extra tank for their quarantine/hostpital tank because of the expense,

also because they end up useing it for something else since you don't quarantine your goldfish

all the time and we don't always have sick goldfish aswell..So i was thinking.... we

need something inexpensive and easy that we could store away when we don't need to have it running.

Something that we should all try out and have more room for are goldfish is useing a 10 to 20 gallon rubbermaid container for the quartine/hospital place.It is extremly inexpensive and is easy to make.You will need : the rubbermaid container 10 to 20 gallons,filter (you will also need for sick fish a heater,and thermometer (if your fish need it).A good idea is to have a filter already running in another tank with fish so when ever you have sick or new fish you could put the filter onto the rubbermaid this will make it cycle faster also some old water from the main tank will also be great.I recomend performing bigger water changes(30% maby even 40% would be good a week) to eliminate the toxic ammonia built up through fish waste,or you could get a good biological filter,but you will still have to keep up with the 25 % water changes weekly.(Water changes should be small and frequent to maintain water quality,but for sick fish i would say daily would be ideal) Gravel is not required. In fact, I would recommend not using anything for a substrate. This makes cleaning much easier and faster.

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