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Gel Food


Here is an easy gel food recipe that I use for my fish. They love it, and it is really good to feed to fish that having floating problems :D Especially the one with 1/2 peas as the vegetable component.



1 cup lightly cooked vegetables (I used a half cup frozen peas, then the

next half cup was a mixture of frozen spinach, frozen green beans, green

pepper, & parsley, but you can use other things such as asparagus, mustard

greens, broccoli, carrots, whatever you have on hand) If you use frozen

vegetables, you don't have to cook them, since they are already blanched.

1/2 can tuna or shrimp

- liquefy the veggies and the tuna or shrimp in a blender,

- dissolve 2 packets of unflavoured gelatin in half a cup of warm water,

microwave till clear, and stir into the veggie mix.

Pour into a standard oblong cake pan that is lined with saran wrap and


Once set, cut into bite sized pieces with the dull side of a knife. Remove

enough for a week, then freeze the rest. When it is frozen, you can use the

saran wrap to lift the whole slab right out of the pan, double wrap it, and

return to the freezer. It will easily break along the cuts that you have

made. Just break off a chunk of the frozen food, and let thaw a bit, then

feed. It thaws very quickly. You can keep a few days worth, unthawed, in the fridge wrapped in saran.

There is also another very easy gel food that is made with a small can of

tomato paste, a couple of peeled, lightly cooked, chopped carrots, 1/2 can

tuna or shrimp, 2 packets unflavoured gelatin dissolved in half cup warm

water and heated till clear. This mixture is then liquefied in the blender

and treated the same way as above for freezing. This is high in vitamin A

and C :-)

The fish love these and these recipes make a huge batch, so it lasts a long


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