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What is the best way to go on vacation for 10 days when you have goldfish? What types of feeders have people used with success and which to avoid?

Thank you!

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Don't feed them at all. Do a huge water change right before you leave and do another as soon as you get home and feed them when you get back.

Because of water line breaks I have gone two weeks with not feeding or water changes. Had I been feeding them I don't think the water cycle would of made it threw those two weeks.

Good luck and have fun.

PS Do a search on the forums there are many post and topics on this very thing all over the boards.

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I went to Florida for 10 days last fall, and had my sis stop in once for a light feeding but otherwise left some anarchis floating and did a large w/c just before leaving and when i returned and all my fish were just fine :)

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Thank you! I apologize for the repeat question. Still new and trying to navigate my way through the forum.

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is your tank fully cycled? If not, you will certainly need someone to do water changes for you. I just went away for 11 days and had a fish sitter for my uncycled tank

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