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How To: Goldfish Gill Examination


Please pardon the nervous babble in the middle... but enjoy all the same!

This video explains a safe and gentle method of examining a fish's gills, as is recommended when your fish gets sick.

  • Please remember to wash your hands with a safe cleanser like vinegar or Castille soap before handling your fish or fish equipment!
  • Do not pry the mouth open, but let the fish do so on its own.
  • Always Quarantine sick fish!
  • Do not hold the fish out of the water when checking. Allow them to stay wet and breathe.

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  • Regular Member

This was a very educational and interesting video to watch. An awesome thing to remember if I ever need to do this in the future! I'd have those same fears of tearing the gill covers off, and whatnot as well. Wonderful solution. Thanks, so much, for the vid! :clapping:

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  • Regular Member

I can't get the video or link to work :cry

that is because the video got deleted. I'll have to do a new one and have Koko update it. Something happened with that YouTube channel and I had to shut it down. :(

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