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Name of disease: Finrot

Other names: Tailrot

Type of disease: Bacterial

Occurrence: Very common, affects all types of freshwater fish

Symptoms include: Split and/or ragged fins, often with a white edge to them, red streaks in fins. If left untreated, fins gradually deteriorate until they are completely gone and disease then infects fish's body.

Caused by:

1. Fish being stressed or in poor condition for some reason, e.g. rough handling, fighting, overcrowding, poor water quality, incorrect water quality, very low temperatures (below 50F).

2. Secondary infection following physical injury such as nipping by other fish or wounds from tank decor, or following a parasitical infection.

Treatment: Remove affected fish to hospital tank if possible. Use a broad-spectrum antibiotic or antibacterial medication (e.g. Maracyn and Maracyn 2 or Kanacyn in US, Myxazin in UK). A .3% salt solution may cure mild cases. Perfect water quality is essential for fish to recover. Healing fin tissue can be aided by using Melafix.

Precautions: Finrot can usually be prevented by correct care of fish, e.g. maintaining good water quality and correct stocking levels, not keeping 'nippy' fish with goldfish. Antibiotic medications affect the cycle so monitoring water quality during treatment is essential.

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