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In nature, worms in the same as other insect larvae constitute the main

diet of numerous fish. It is good to alternate artificial and natural food to avoid

deficiencies or overdoses. Blood-worms are a perfect source of natural food.

They are sold in blocks or bubble pack or even freeze dried.

The freeze dried is convenient for feeding surface fish because as they are

dry, they float to the top. Usually they get eaten before they swell with water.

There is also a misconception that they are worms, when in fact they are the

larvae of a mosquito(Chironomus sp.)


*This food is rich in protein and can be easily obtained

*Thanks to the concentration of proteins and hemoglobin's, worms play

an important role in breeding. With rasboras for example, distributing worms in

the evening will result in spawning the next morning when the aquarium is lit.

*the fish will love it!


*Packed in trays, blood-worms can only be kept in refrigerators for a few days

*it is common to hear people say aquarist are allergic to bloodworms

they can make you itch and give you red spots

*some fish may not eat bloodworms, for example cichlids from the African lakes

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