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Rena 400 Vs. Tetra Whisper 60 Vs. Coralife Luft


As promised, a very unscientific noise level test comparison between a brand-new-fresh-out-of-the-box Coralife Luft, a brand-new-fresh-out-of-the-box Rena 400, and my Tetra Whisper 60 that's been in use about 11 months.

I ran all 3 pumps in their "wide open/full throttle" mode because the Tetra isn't adjustable, but the Rena and Coralife pumps are. The Rena adjusts by screwing 2 plastic airflow control needles into the air passage and just blocking the pump's output, while the pump motor itself still runs at full throttle. The Coralife actually turns down the voltage to the pump.

All 3 pumps were hooked up to the black silicone hose that powers the 46" long Marineland bubble stick, which is located under about 1" of gravel at the bottom of my 70 gallon aquarium.

I checked the output of the bubble stick during each test and the Tetra produced the most amount of bubbles. The Rena and Coralife were visually the same bubble output.

Judge for yourself. (The forum won't let me attach all 3 test movies here, so the Tetra movie follows.)

Coralife Luft:


Rena 400:


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  • Admin

This is a great post.... Thank you :)

i have the Tetra and yup mine is that quiet too :) I love it :)

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  • Regular Member

Maybe worth a Sticky and put all 3 photos and movies in one post?

I'm shocked at how loud the Coralife is as compared to how nice it's built. That extra noise that it started making during testing is all it's own. I even pushed down against what it was sitting on, thinking that surface was starting to vibrate. Nope, that was internal and the Coralife actually scoots around while running. Very disappointing.

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  • Regular Member

Thanks Dennis. Go figure, eh? A pump that I bought new for $10 is better than a $50 and a $60 pump.

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  • Regular Member

Doesn't bode well for the Rena I have coming from mmm.


Don't worry, mjbubbles. I have two Rena 400s (one of them has been running for more than 10 years!) and I have to put my hand on them to tell if they're plugged in. Mine are silent!

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  • Regular Member

So RanchuDressing, what's up with these noisy 400's. I ordered 2 of them, and both are equally noisy, just like you hear in the video.

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  • Regular Member

Oh wow, this is very helpful! My 55 gal tank will be in my bedroom so will need the quietest pump. I was set on the Rena. Now i have to do more research on the Whisper too. :o

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