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  2. Well if you do, take some photos lol How can a fish clear off a bed?
  3. Well that would explain why you don't have cats at the home lol... Cat Ball
  4. I want my Goldie Loki to clear my bed off for me but Loki is too busy pecking at stuff in the tank. Summers is just swimming around doing some fish stuff.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I don't think my crypts would like it too much with nothing in there. My tank is over run with them right now :O. I think my sand is honestly just a giant bundle of roots. I am terrified to transfer it all over once I finally set up the new tank.
  7. I think so from what I was able to find on it
  8. Its the only shirt I have from that team.
  9. Nice shirt! Great team.
  10. Yes it would and in fact we have a good mouse cat , Armida, at our mountain cabin. She is even pictured on cover of one of wife’s book , pictured. But here at our home Beline and Masha , pictured, rule and they like very much to play CAT BALL , a deadly game in which the cat normally looses.
  11. I don't know how she died. It was sudden. Also I got a new shirt from Wish. Amazingly it is great. It is green with the number 12 on it. It also has a name on the back of it.
  12. Why not a cat? They would take care of that problem fast
  13. Yes you do with Whipped Cream
  14. 🤣🤣🤣 school ends next month (1 more Semester in the fall and I’m DONE) and I should hopefully have more time
  15. @spider man I did not even know she had Guppies. I have not spoken to her in a very long time. I got these off eBay as tiny fry and they bred out of control!! It's nice to see you here tho. I lost any way of contact with you since GFK no longer runs. If they keep this up - I may boot all of them and try a different species because omg
  16. Hey Cali are those the guppies you got from Cheyenne?
  17. I would do daily water changes, use prime as your conditioner, if you are not sure what you are treating it is better to use no medications at this time as they can deteriorate water conditions as well. Feed very sparingly. Water changes should be up to 50% or larger daily until your water stabilizes
  18. Well yes also freaks out wife. Who is very nervous now as just finished publishing latest book and is a little uptight about reviews, etc. and When I bring up mouse problems begins to “freak “. That is because last year when we returned to home from mountain house found house full of UN invited guests. Made a grave error in the elimination works . I baited and as this does not produce a direct result but requires you to search for the bodies by oder. And I can tell no need of a special hound as we could not sleep in house until al bodies were located. Now have live traps for house and about 20 electronics devices to keeps them out! Hens are ok and one produces an egg of over 90 grams!! About 3 oz + I think. So they get all the dog food and scraps that they want!!
  19. mmmhmm. you know how much i love pumpkin pie!
  20. DUDE! It's still got the wrapping on it :O
  21. Okay now that just freaky deaky. That would creep me out to see and hear them. lol I love that last shot.... Doggy Crock with a Chicken in it ROFL ROFL
  22. Is the ciano cfbio 150 an internal filter?
  23. OK , you asked for it!! Here they are: pictured is inside chicken house looking up at roof . Roof has a plastic lining , clear, then is covered with fiberglass panels and junk. So is unique in that the mice do not see or care about me and chickens but we can watch them. There are at least 4 colonies or nests that I can see. As chickens roost up near top of roof , they are disturbed by the rustling movements. Also pictured is my new “catch’em all” trap is has little one way doors where the mice pass through. Also my hen has found the sunflower seed bag and is filling up.
  24. Wowsers. It seems to me that the ph is far to low and your KH can't keep it up there. I would first off highly get crushed coral or crushed oyster shell. Both of those will raise your KH up and keep the Ph from dropping. I do believe this is a major problem in the tank. Low PH can burn a fish and then fungus can start attacking the fish. What is the name of the Medicines they gave you?
  25. koko


    lol That is a lot of guppies. They just love to keep breeding. Your tank reminds me of TD's tank when we had it going years ago, till I killed everyone. I really like all those plants in there.
  26. Oh man... come on You can scrubby Dubby lol I let my glass get really good and dirty before I scrub it.
  27. WOW! Hold on a Min.....You got mice that move over a roof and you can see them.... I would be running like a crazy lady if I see a group of mice. I don't know why, it just freaks me out. But funny thing I love watching them in the store. lol
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