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  2. It's okay it's been recorded and is up for viewing if you want to see it hun. You need a big Hug you do. I hope everything will get back to order soon . Yes its still there. Just click on the link Have you ever General Cure them?
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  4. Is it on YouTube as a regular video? I tried to take pics of my friends but they thought I was going to feed them. Still had difficulties photographing them. I once thought I took a great picture of Loki until I noticed the string coming out from her vent. Not sure where the photo is right now but if you want I can look for it and post it later?
  5. I remembered it two hours before hand then quickly forgot it so I missed it.
  6. I’m sorry I missed it! Happy birthday to @PinkyBear though 🎉 Trying to get the baby on a schedule still and make it through the end of the school year, whereby then I get to spend all summer catching up the kids I have had doing mostly independent work and review here postpartum. No summer this year, really, but it was a weird one and this shouldn’t happen again.
  7. WOWsers that was a lot of fun.
  8. I'm interested in shopping, however . . . not sure if my budget is ready for buying. lol On another subject for everyone, do Mulberry trees grow where you live? Here, the mulberry trees are in season and ripe mulberries are ready for picking! There are trees all over the city and I love to pick the juicy fruit. Also Loquats are in season too! I haven't picked any yet, but this week I'm going to pick some. They are also planted all around the city. Mulberry: Loquat:
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  10. I think it is 6 pm my time which is under two hours from now.
  11. Yes I agree I have been ordering Repashy super gold on Amazon but when it ran out I made my own....I also made beaten egg with tuna in the microwave. They like it and it's easy for them to eat and doesn't fall apart in the water.
  12. Okay I'll try to remember. After I convert PST to EST.
  13. Hey Guys.... Justine is going to have a live Acrylic paint show.... Come and see its at 3pm PST Tomorrow
  14. Nope Thats the same fish. She was a Moor and now is Orange. I have had these 2 fish for almost 8 years now.
  15. Wait, what?! I thought that was a different fish! That is crazy.
  16. Oh yes I remember this. You know I totally understand is view and it overly sucks.
  17. Yup Goldfish the Ranchu is white as can be now lol. Zach the was Moor is orange ROFL. Zach lost her black when my lights went very dim over about 3 months. I didn't know they were dimming until she started to change fast one me.
  18. I took it down for now... If your interested in paintings let me know. I can take photos of ones that are ready
  19. Last week
  20. That's pretty cool! Koko, do you still have an Etsy store? I can't find it . . .
  21. Figured it was something like that. But it's life and we will all survive! For anyone who is still holding their breath, check it: https://kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/topic/135879-give-away-acrylic-painting-4-22-2021-to-5-1-2021-winner/
  22. cool recipe Monique however often with home made foods they are not complete in nutrition. I am big fan of the repashy gel food products
  23. Oh wow! Looks like the same thing... Just a white belly eventually became completely white. Beautiful both ways. 🙂 And I'm assuming the white stayed? Thanks for sharing!
  24. My last conversation with Ken went something like this. He stated that the Trump administration placed tariffs on the Chinese government which made it impossible for him to import fish and make his cost reasonable to the customer. He stated he was going to suspend operations until things changed. Well there is a new administration in place now but not sure if those tariffs have lifted or not. If he was to sell fish again he would be the only one I would purchase imports again from.
  25. This is them as Babies. This is them now
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