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Making Plans



I've got the itch to add some new pets to my life and change my tanks a little.

The surprise is that I don't want to add anymore goldfish! At least not for now. I really like the tank as it is with Penny, Darwin and Frosty. I'm super busy with work right now and the bio load on the tank is light enough that I only need to do a weekly WC. More fish would increase it and I just don't think it's smart right now, there's too great of a chance of me missing WC's and having issues. So for now 3's company :)

But my other tanks have me thinking. The tropical tank in my office right now has black skirt tetras, cories and ottos. I think I will soon add some neon or cardinal tetras to liven things up in there.

The other tank that has me thinking is my hermit crabs. I only set it up this past summer but the results haven't been great. One crab died right away, and I lost a second last week (due to a stressful moult I think). That leaves me with one crab and to be honest, I'm not really enjoying keeping these guys. Of course I'll still care for the crab who remains and maybe I'll have him for years, but I've decided not to add any others. What I would like to do is use the crab tank for something I've always wanted...fire bellied toads. I'm thinking about setting up a smaller tank for the single crab and getting the toads....decisions decisions.


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