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Garden II (also fishie pics)



I started some seedlings a few days ago, the Basil, Chives and Parsley I lost over Christmas - the seedlings were just too small and weak to manage on their own with me being away for two separate occasions of a week each quite close together and unfortunately I lost them. The second lot seem to be coming through fine, and I'm not expecting to be away longer than a long weekend for several months so they should have plenty of time to grow in quite a bit. As before, the Chives were first off the ground, then the Basil exploded, and the Parsley has yet to put in an appearance but if/when it does will probably overtake the others :)


I also started some Little Gem Lettuces and Baby Carrots in a seed tray, they will be moved into bigger pots/trays when they get bigger, assuming they do take hold! I've put some garlic and spring onion bulbs from the fridge into pots too, mostly out of curiosity as to whether or not they'll do anything :)

This is my 'potting zone' on the side in the kitchen where my plants live when they're not sunbathing. Also included is the jug of fish water for watering and Pete's whiskey bottle, which feels at home around the compost.


I'm really pleased my Chillis hung in there through the Christmas period, and I'm really hoping they'll have a growth boom now they're getting watered a lot more frequently and the house should be warmer now the heating's not set for 10'C all the time.

I did buy the basket table thing and hanging planters in my last garden update (http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/blog/10/entry-85-were-still-alive/) and the table thing is where the Carrots, Lettuce, Spring Onions and Garlic will live. I'm not starting the Strawberries, Peppers, Tomatoes or Mint, which will all go in the balcony hanging containers yet because of the expected times of year to be moved outside on the back of the packets - they will be sown in February or March.


Fishies had a good clean out tonight, been putting it off the last few days but decided I was finally going to tick off all the stuff I'd wanted sorting last weekend, so I can start this weekend fresh. They've started taking algae wafers from my fingers, the first time I tried it only X was interested but this time I had Ranchu and Crankypants too, they're usually pretty shy about my hand so this was a big achievement for them to explore it in so much detail! Moor was useless and investigated the tank floor...intelligence in my tank seems to be related to how much orange you have, and she is entirely lacking...

Didn't get any really 'omg wow' pics, but there's a few clear ones just to prove everyone's still alive :)





This picture really shows the difference in colour in Ranchu - she had an obviously white tummy when I got her and I believe the orange is due to the Saki-Hikari food. Still, she's growing well and always chubby and active so I'm not really fussed :)


Moor was being very anti-camera for some reason, and decided this was the opportune time to investigate under the driftwood.



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Gorgeous little group ^_^ What plants do you have in their tank? Mine always used to eat whatever plants I put in there!

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LOL you know I can keep aquarium plants alive but I have the worst time with the land kind.

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I'm usually the same! If it doesn't require anything doing with it (like java ferns!) it seems to blossom, but I do not have a good record when it comes to non-aquatics - I actually managed to kill a cactus through negligence! I am trying to make a good effort to prove I can grow a plant before I spend a fortune trying to set up a big garden only to fail miserably! I got my first lettuce seedling through today :D in half the minimum time the packet says for seedlings to appear, but I think that's due to them being sown inside where it's warmer and they're getting watered with fish water daily :)

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