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Koko's Cats

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  • Regular Member

I forgot the first one's name. He or she was really old, right? What a beautiful cat! And Odie's similarity with our Shadow freaks me out each and every time :rofl

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  • Regular Member

Oh, how sweet they are! The first one makes me think of a white tiger--gorgeous coloring! And black cats always have so much Presence. I love the totally sacked out relaxation in the second pic-looks like there was some serious purring going on there!

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  • Regular Member

the first one looks like a white tiger! They are beautiful and look like they are enjoying themselves :D

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  • Regular Member

your cats are so beautiful, and they all seem a bit regal and aware of that beauty xD

The first one looks especially stunning :]

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  • Admin

The first Kitty is Mookie. She is about 21 years old.

Odie thinks he shall sit on the Momma anytime he wants. :lol

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