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Betta Soup



I will be continuing my plant adventures etc. that were mentioned here http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/blog/10/entry-85-were-still-alive/ (incase you missed it!) later this week when I've got some photos of everything and some progress to show :)

Yesterday I did KB's tank, which had gone nearly 3 weeks with no real maintenence while I was away for Christmas (he was fed :) ) and the algae basically had a massive party in my absence. These are the 'before' photos.

Top view:


Side view:


KB actually seemed to quite enjoy it, you know, when I could actually see him, but it really needed a clean out. He seemed a bit sulky at first that I was taking away his slimy playground, but I think he quite likes being able to watch me again :) I also bought him two java ferns and an anubias in the hope that they will help out-compete the algae a bit more. I haven't completely purged it all, left some on the driftwood and quartz in the hope it'll kinda help out-compete itself too, but I need to give the Crypyt and Lilaeopsis a better clean up in the next few days. They're doing surprisingly well considering they've been covered for some time with something else. The Pogostemon is a bit pale too and needed rerooting down but I'm hoping that again with some light access it will come back. Time will tell.



Stay tuned in the next day or so for a goldie update and a plants one :)


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KB is an extremely studious creature, he's compiling a journal on the habits of lone-living humans :) Also his human had already started cleaning when she remembered to take a pic so didn't clear her desk....I don't usually keep toothbrushes in my study! It's the fishies' algae brush I swear!

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I really expected this to be some heater-malfunction horror story - relieved it isnt! the tank looks great and KB seems happily indifferent to it all! xD

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