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New Fish are HERE!



My butterfly from GC and the HUGE oranda and pearlscale from Rain Garden arrived about fifteen minutes ago. They are floating in their QT tanks at the moment. I can't wait to release them and get a really good look at them.


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I will soon, I want to let them adjust for a while. The butterfly has a name already, it just fits him, it's Itherial (yes I know that isn't spelled properly, but hey who cares right?)

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I stink at taking pics of them, but I am in the process of uploading some video to youtube now I promise. Didn't get much of the Oranda and Pearlie, the Oranda is still recovering from the trip and is being pretty quiet. She hides when I turn the tank light on, so I tried to get a little bit of video of her with it off, it's not very good video, but I want to give her more time to recover and settle in before I do anything to stress her.

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I love and adore GC teles. I wish I could get them here. He is lovely! Looking forward to seeing the RG fish, too.

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