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Tank divider to save the littles



Alex and Molly suggested getting a tank divider to keep the littles safe from Fluffy.

So I bought one at lunch and put it in tonight. It was about 1 inch too narrow, so I used a row of suction cups to hold a piece of tubing in place to plug the gap. Then I had the challenge of catching the littles and putting them in their side. Those guys are fast! I fed the two groups separately and all seems well.

Then I sat down to watch them, and what do i see? one of the littles has gotten through the gap and is swimming around the big half of the tank!! Silly fish!

While I was in there, I moved some of the ornaments around and planted the onion plant a bit deeper. I also took the strawberry basket out since the sword plant is now on the littles' side and they don't eat it. I hope it will now be able to grow big and strong.

The divided tank looks kind of strange, but it will keep the littles' safe. I wonder if some of the eggs will hatch now that the goldies aren't there to eat them?

Thanks for the suggestion, Alex and Molly.


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I think that will definitely keep them safe, MJ, and perhaps some young ones will replace Six & Seven. Have a wonderful trip! We'll miss you :)

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I got home from my trip today. All 5 littles are still there. The divider didn't work very well, so my fishsitter took it out. Hopefully Fluffy will leave them alone. The fish are in great shape, and everyone has grown. It's good to be back. More tomorrow.

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