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OH boy when it rains it pours



Today the nurse comes by Daddy visits for lunch and the maid comes in. So I try to go home a while. Do water changes visit my other critters...

Well the 55 gallon tank was only 68 degrees. Not good at all. So I go and get a second heater for that tank. By the time I left is was up to 72. I can live with that but hope it goes up more just not too much cause I am not home to keep an eye on it.

Anyways I went to get the heater and yes I had to look at the goldfish and yep I found the most perfect goldfish (sorry no pictures yet) Can't do a qt but I just could not leave it there. It is a fantail calico. Next time I go by the house it well be to set up my web cam and I'll get you all some pictures too.

Sure home it makes it but I have never seen a calico fantail at any place here and just could not leave him.


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LOL. Just salt and Prazi. I think you'll be fine. (I will disavow any knowledge of this statement lol)

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for all the kindness you've given it sure would be nice for some to find it your way for a bit ;) looking forward to meeting your new friend ;)

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I can only agree with Shell, and I am lookin very much forward to seeing the new guy! :) I also hope the 55 will be alright with the new heater :)

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