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A little concerned

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I'm a bit concerned about Darwin. He's not very active and does a lot of bottom sitting. Not gasping, just sitting.

I'm really hoping it's just the stress of adjusting to his new environment. I really don't think he could possibly have parasites after my rigorous QT.

This morning he seemed a little better, keep your fingers crossed for him :heart

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I do hope it is just the adjustment--it probably is! If it goes on more than another day or so, you could always put him back in QT for a bit.

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I think he'll come around. I scared the poor guy to death last night. I couldn't see him in the tank and finally rolled up my sleeve and rotted around behind the rocks for him. I guess he was asleep back there. I groped around and scooped him into my hand - he looked so shocked and terrified....I have to stop being such a worried mom ;)

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Scarecrow hide for her first two weeks in the main tank, then she was one of my fastest biggest strongest and most brave fish. After that terrible ulcer bug, I lost her and I still miss her. I bet Darwin is just getting used to his new digs.

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