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The Petsmarties have moved!



Since I'm doing daily almost 90% changes on their tank anyway, I found a better spot for it and moved them. Now I can see them from my bed while I'm working or watching tv or posting on Koko's. It's so cool! I can see all my fishies from bed except for Norma Jean who is in the 10 gal QT in the bathroom.

Not only do I enjoy watching them, but my pitt mix puppy also loves to watch them. She is so cute laying on the bed cocking her head back and forth while watching them swim. My boxer on the other hand is jealous of the attention they get. I have to make sure I give her as much attention LOL.

I started working on my 75 Monday, got the tank cleaned and bleached, but it's been too cold to paint the stand. I am really anxious to get it done so I can set it up.


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I have discovered a down side to having them all within watching distance. It puts them within BEGGING distance too. They are staring at me as much as I'm staring at them. LOL I do feed them daily, I really do, they however would tell you they are NEVER fed and are STARVING.

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