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I have too much stuff and not enough space - for fish stuff



I'm sitting on my bed looking around my room this morning no wait its afternoon already, how is it already 3 pm? Anyway I had a spot picked out for my 75 gallon tank and after measuring this morning I think there is not quite enough space between the bed and the tank space to make it easy to do tank maintenance.

So I am looking around trying to figure out if there is a better way to rearrange my stuff to make room for it. I have a lot of stuff that is just clutter. I come from a family of clutterbugs and my ex was one too, so I have an aversion to clutter anyway, but having moved three fish tanks into my room I am getting crowded out by too much other stuff that is useless junk. My mom buys me a lot of stuff, that I end up never using or wearing, and about twice a year I have a big decluttering fit and get rid of lots of stuff.

Seems like it's about that time of year for me now because I am looking around thinking OMG where did all this stuff come from? It's overwelming to get rid of stuff because of having to carry stuff down the stairs and way out to the parking area before I can haul it off to donate it somewhere. But oh well, I have to get it done because I need more room for my 75 gal tank!

Anyone need a giant treadmill?


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I must admit I am responsible to bringing the treadmill in, one of the guys at work gave it to me, and I about killed my dad and myself getting it up the stairs, so it really has to stay. The 3' stack of magazines and clothes that are a size too small can definately go though, along with a couple of old chairs that I no longer needs and all kinds of nicknacks that just collect dust.

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