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Cat discovers fish...



The other morning while I was drinking my tea and watching the fish, Milou the big kitty jumped up on the table next to the tank and was intently watching. You must understand that Milou is quite large (22 lbs.) and takes up at least 6 inches when sitting. The space on the table was only 4 inches, so it was quite funny to watch him squeeze into the space to watch the fish.

here's a short video:


It was so cute!!


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Awww, he is so cute :) I adore cats. Mine is sitting right next to me as I type this. He has no idea that we have fish.

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  • Regular Member

I'm actually not sure that Milou knows we have fish either. I think he may be watching the bubbles from the airstone...but it was so cute anyway.

I have never been a cat person, but these guys are growing on me.

They are my housemate's cats He's takes great care of them.

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Goldfish and cats: two of my favorite things in the whole world! :D My cats are oblivious to the fish, but they always want to drink the fish water. lol

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There must be some weird thing about cats wanting to drink the fish water, mine does the same thing, and I know of other cats like that.

I rarely find one of my cats actually interested in the fish, and even if, this usually lasts around eight seconds.

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My friend's cat drinks from his shrimps tank too. The last time I got some shrimps from him, the water was full or cat fur. lol

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