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New fish!



After 2 years, I finally got myself a new fish yesterday :nana :nana :nana

I headed out with the intention of getting at least one, but maybe two new goldies. I only have one goldfish and a small pleco in my 55 gallon now, so I have the space.

I went to one of my favorite lfs's. They always have a great selection of goldfish, and they didn't disappoint in terms of the variety, but not much stood out. My poor mom had to wait while I stood in front of the tanks for 15 minutes trying to make up my mind.

One fish caught my eye from the start and I knew I'd get him. A nice medium sized calico fantail. I haven't had a fantail in years and we all know I'm a sucker for calicos.

The dilemma was the second fish. In the same tank there was a somewhat tattered but very cute blue oranda. I was very tempted to get him but decided not to, since they usually lose their color anyway, and for both fish it would be a little pricey (given their size they were more expensive than the other fish in the store....mind you they were only $20 each, I'm not a fancy/expensive auction fish kind of girl :rofl).

I also seriously considered a tiny black moor. There was a whole tank of them, and they looked just like my precious George did when I brought him home years ago. But I also decided not to get one. Partly because, as silly as it may sound, I don't think I'm ready for another moor yet (I loved my George!) and I was worried about having such a tiny fish in QT with the larger fantail.

So...this is what I came home with!The photo is terrible I know, I'll try to get something better soon. But I have him in a dark blue tub for QT and there's a lot of surface movement, to it's really hard to even see him, let alone get a good photo!



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