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New fish from GC auction arrived this morning



I gave the dumb woman driving the Fedex truck an earful, she had the box upside down, even though there are UP arrows on it and it says LIVE FISH on the side. She was an idiot, even after I told her she was like oh...

At any rate, fish is in good shape, she's adorable, she is a white red cap oranda about 3" and she has red around her lips like she's wearing lipstick. At the moment she is floating in the QT tank in her bag. Can't wait to turn her loose in a little bit and get a good look at her.


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Aw. I'm glad the shipping went well. FedEx employees aren't always known for being careful with the packages, unfortunately.

We have to arrange for a date of your new one with my Renji. He's a red cap with red lips, too! :rofl

Looking forward to pics when she's ready :)

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Think we should start a new line of "lipstick" fishies? I'm not 100% absolutely sure mine is female just yet, but I think so.

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