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Such a relief!



I went home early, to check on the fish. To my great relief, all was peaceful. :angelstaf: Hercule has stopped chasing Fluffy, all 7 littles are still there, and Emma and Jelly Bean are happily exploring. They are so little that it takes them about 10 minutes to swim from one end of the tank to the other! Emma seems to have taken up residence in the log. I think the 2 lionheads get thrown around by the current quite a bit, so they spend a lot of time under cover.

I fed them a tiny bit this evening but will probably not feed them again for a couple of days to allow the cycle to catch up with the extra load. I'll be getting a lot of this: :feedme in the next few days.

If all goes well, I'll be taking down the 20 gallon this weekend and store it in the garage. Maybe in the spring I'll bring it out and set it up again. All this talk of a bigger betta tank with other fish has me thinking... :hummm Betta, kuhli loaches and white clouds? Anyway...I don't have time until the spring.


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Aw, I'm glad they're all doing well! And how cute that it takes them so long to swim across the tank :)

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asked housemate if he wanted to take over the 20 gallon. He said no, so I drained it this moening. Into the basement it goes!!

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