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The Big Move!



This morning I move the littles over to the 55 gallon tank. As suggested by Alistairw, dnalex and Sakura, I took Fluffy out of the tank, did a big water change and moved the decorations around. Then I added the littles. The Goldies were relatively easy to catch, but those minnows are fast and it took a while. Here's a video of them in their new home. Sorry for the quality. I think I need Santa to bring me a better video camera.


I gave them a few minutes to get used to things and then I added Fluffy back in. I was worried that Fluffy would chase the littles around. And for the first 30 seconds she did. She went after the littles to see if they were snacks, and even tried to nibble on Jelly Bean. Then Hercule discovered how secksy Fluffy is and started chasing her all over the tank all up in her tail feathers. It was quite bad for a while. Poor Fluffy was swimming fast trying to get away. This is not how I thought it would be!


Luckily, by the time I left for work, Hercule had started to calm down. I hope Hercule gives up on the idea before Fluffy is run ragged. Everyone else is calmly exploring the tank. The littles look really pretty in the lights - and Jelly and Emma are a cute as ever.

I have left the qt tank up for now in case I need to move someone out of the 55. I hope I don't have to, cuz I'm quite looking forward to only having one tank to care for!

Thanks for looking.


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Great job, MJ! I love the minnows in the tank, and wish I had room to add a little school. Since I can't, I'll just have to live vicariously through you :)

I'm really glad that things look like they will settle down well. Of course Fluffy is sheksy! Look at that hump :rofl

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I am really enjoying the minnows, too. They are so pretty in a different way from the goldies, and I do love the schooling behavior. If I do decide to set up a coldwater tank, I'll add more minnows. There are 7 now, and I think 11 or 13 would be even better.

One good thing about the chasing, Fluffy is distracted from trying to eat her new tankmates!!

Take care,


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Ahaha this is hilarious! I think they will all calm down :) When I added Kimahri to the tank, he was going nuts over Hugo and all the other girls in the tank and chased after them for two days. Then he relaxed, as if he figured out that they aren't going anywhere, and there'd be no need to rush things :rofl

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Hercule thinks he's so debonair with his little mustache and his cute Belgian accent! Fluffy was not impressed. He/She's been an only fish for so long, she doesn't quite know what to do about his attentions!


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