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Starting Prazi for the littles and eggs?



I did a big water change to day to get the salt out and then added a dose of Prazi. Everyone is happy and healthy in QT, so I hope to start moving fish over next week. I want to get everyone into the big tank by Christmas so we have a couple of weeks for things to settle in before I go on my big trip.

It's fun to see how they have turned into a group, the 3 goldies are usually together and there are 3 WCM's that hang out together and another group of 4 who swim around together.

One of the mama WCM's is so big and fat. I wonder if she'll lay eggs soon? I don't really expect to have any babies survive the goldfish, but it would be really cool if it worked. I have never had egg layers before, and have always thought it was super difficult. My only other experience with fish breeding was guppies, and they are pretty automatic I think. I'm considering keeping the WCM's in the 20 gallon and starting up a coldwater tropical tank. Hmm ! that sounds pretty weird - a coldwater tropical tank... I guess I should say a coldwater tank. Anyway, you can see that the tank-itis is in full swing, even though when I started this hobby, I swore I'd only have ONE tank and ONE fish.

Fluffy had chewed on the swords so much that I took them out of the tank. I traded the swords for the anubias in the betta tank. I had hoped he;d leave them alone but he has eaten all the new growth. So no more swords for Fluffy.

That's the update for tonight. Take care!

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One tank and one fish, that's a nice thing to plan! But as you see: it doesn't work that way. :D

That's a nice idea though about the small coldwater tank. You could probably plant it, add one or two pretty snails, some shrimp, that would be neat!

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