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QT tank is set up!



I finally found the time to set up my QT tank last night....well tub, to be more specific. I picked up a nice rubbermaid (gotta love a $7 'tank') and set the spare Aquaclear 50 up on it last night. I took the old 'polishing pad' out of my canister and stuffed it in the filter. It has to be FULL of bb's, I put in some ceramic cylinders from the canister too. So hopefully that will speed the cycle along. It should make a nice temporary home for some new fish, it's big and very over filtered.

I'm thinking I'll aim to get the fish next weekend, pending cycle of course. So now I need to keep myself away from the lfs at all costs, so I don't give in to the temptation!!!! I also have to check my prazi, it's pretty old and I'm wondering when/if it expires?


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Yay for QT being set up! :)

Are you doing anything to keep the filter "fed" before you get the fish?

Prazipro has a shelf life that goes beyond 10 years. However, if it's already a couple of years old, I would double dose just to be sure :)

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Good to know about the prazi shelf life, I hadn't checked the bottle but it's only been opened for about 2 years.

I'll probably put a little fish food in the tank to feed the cycle :)

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