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Decided to go for it, the big move



All along I have wanted to move the veils into the bigger tank with Gastone, but I have been afraid he would be too much of a barge So tonight water temps were the same in both tanks, and water chemistry was a close match. I decided to go for it. I moved the veils and their filters to the 59 gal tank with Gastone. I put Fifi in as well. They are all getting along well, the biggest worry I have right now though is that Gastone is too interested in Victoria and he is going to wear her out. All three big fish are in a little huddle in the corner and Valentino is running interferrance with Gastone which gives Victoria a little break.

Do you think he will settle down soon and back off? He isn't really chasing her, he keeps nudging her and she moves away and he goes and nudges again and she moves away. She is clearly annoyed by it, but although he is very persistant, he is not being too aggressive.

Fifi is exploring the whole tank and she's so small, the larger fish have not even seemed to notice her presence. I put her little cave in the tank and there are lots of plants to hide in, but she is basically vacuuming the bottom of the tank looking for food.

If everything goes well with this group in the larger tank, then tomorrow afternoon I'd like to move my new telescope male to the 26 gallon tank for his QT. He is currently in a 10 Gal and he would be much more comfy in the 26 I am sure.

Gastone had gone to the other side of the tank to nibble on the anacharis, so I am hopeful that he is going to settle down and let Victoria have some peace tonight. At the moment he is back in the huddle though bothering her again.

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I hope the move continues to go well and the Gastone gets sensible and leaves Victoria alone. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of the group in their new home.


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