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Pictures of the new tanks



Put away the Koko's stick!! I managed to take some pictures of the littles in their qt tank the other day. In the tank are Emma Goldman - calico lionhead, Jelly Bean - orange lionhead, Hercules Poirot - fantail, and the littles - 7 white cloud mountain minnows. They will all eventually join Fluffy in the 55.

Here is a full tank shot:



All three goldies with the littles in the background


Hercule is a bit of a camera hog. He's also a pushy and over-active fish compared to everyone else. I can see why they recommend not mixing goldfish types. I just hope he calms down in the big tank with Fluffy to keep order. My sweetie picked him out, so I couldn't really say no.


And one last shot of Hercule and Emma - she looks completely different on each side - white with black & orange on one side. Orange with black on the other - mostly matte scales with one or two metallic orange ones.


The 55 is doing well, with new growth for all of the plants, except the vals. 2 of them melted away completely. The third, I have re planted in a more brightly lit part of the tank to see if it will recover. I also added some root tabs to the planters to help them along.

Full tank shot -


Right side planter with Swords and baby amazon ferns. (Sorry for the glare)


Left side planters with vals, anubius, onion plants


Anubius lanceota. I hope it will eventually attach to the rock. It's currently tied on with string.


Thanks for looking. I apologize for the lousy picture quality - my camera doesn't do well with moving targets and low light.

Take care,



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I love love all your new babies :) Congrats and the 55 is also looking great and its amazing how much Fluffy has grown :) Great job!!!And I have no luck with the live plants either :(

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