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I got a lot of plans for today. I am in need of doing water changes. I am not trying to find an excuse or blame anyone, but since the whole ordeal with my poor puppy girl having cancer, I have considerably neglected all my fish :(

They are being fed only every other day though, so it shouldn't harm them that I am a few days behind with the water changes.

Only the tropicals got flakes sprinkled on the surface daily, I didn't want the angelfish to get stupid ideas, being hungry and seeing those yummy looking neons.

The aponogetons have flowered, both stalks have a white flower on top. I'll probably show pics later after work. I need to turn their heater up a bit, now that it is getting quite cool in the house (68F) the heater only heats the tank to 76F.

Today (hopefully) I am finally ordering plants from plantedaquariumcentral. I hope I picked the right plants! It's mostly anacharis (6 units) and italian vals (4 units), and then 1 unit each of other plants to bring some variety in: temple plant, bacopa carolina, brazilian pennywort, narrow leaf anacharis, red tiger lotus - and a dwarf lily for the in law' betta tank.

I chose only from the low light section, and preferably fast growing varieties. With the anacharis, these will reproduce quickly too and I can dense it up a bit more. I would have loved to add something similar to amazon swords, for their leaves give such nice cover. But the amazon swords always melt for me :rofl

I really hope this will finally make it possible to remove the divider and have then angelfish get along better.


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I admit that my tank's have been neglected at times when other areas of my life are crazy :)

I can't wait to see all your new plants when you get them. I have been very happy with my purchases from there :)

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Sounds like you have a good selection of plants. I've been very happy with my purchases from PTC as well.

Oh, and welcome to blogging!


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Planted tanks can handle the lack of water changes much better then non planted tanks. And the more plants the better. I hope you new plants all work out. I have beening thinking about adding pennywart but have no clue where I would put it and don't want to take anything out.

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