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Update on the littles - quarantine treatment begins



Hi all. After a spate of activity before the Thanksgiving weekend, I have not blogged for a while.

I added 2 more White Cloud Mountain minnows and the school is much more cohesive. I still think more would be better, but I'm stopping for now. I think they are happy because there seems to be breeding behavior between the 4 females and 2 males...(the 7th fish has not revealed its gender to me!) We added another goldfish - Hercule Poirot, a little black and orange fantail. Yes, he has a mustache! He is super active, and makes a nice contrast to Jelly Bean and Emma the lionheads who are smaller and slower. So the fish group is complete.

Everyone seems healthy and happy and I was considering adding them to the big tank right away, but decided to continue with the original plan of keeping them in qt for 3-4 weeks.

Today I finally began their qt treatment - over the next couple of days I'll increase the temp to 78 degrees and add salt. Then if no problems over the next 10 days, I'll do 3 rounds of Prazi. Then clean water and temp matching to the big tank and I'll move the fish over one by one.

Tonight I vacuumed and did a 30% wc. I added the first batch of salt and upped the temp 2 degrees.

The fish have all become super active since I did the wc - everyone is swimming back and forth really quickly. :goldfish:

I don't have any pictures and I know I risk the koko's stick. :SmackBottom: Please don't hurt me! :donthit::please I will try to take some by the weekend.



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