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Is Fifi really a Frankie?



Ok it was bound to happen eventually, I am obcessed with my fishies and I love the forum, so it was just a matter of time before I started a blog.

I have had my veils Victoria and Valentino for almost two months and knock on wood their tank seems to be cycled.

Fifi and Gastone have been with me since about November 4th, and their tanks are probably about half way through their cycles.

Tonight I got a good look at the backside of Fif and I think I may have made a mistake when attempting to determine Fifi's gender. I think she might be a boy......

My two new fish from Rain Garden shipped today and will arrive on Friday, I can hardly wait.


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I had the same experience - I originally called Fluffy a boy, but I think he's actually a girl. Don't seem to be able to switch it now, though.

Welcome to the world of blogging! I look forward to reading it.

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oh! initally, i thought all my fish were boys.,. so they all got boy names.. then little by little and the lack of chasing, breeding stars etc.. i resorted to understand they were ALL girls! hmph!..

loved them just the same tho ;)

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