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RIP Bentley

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My husband really is trying. But the fish are mine and I just have not been there to keep an eye on them. Stopped by today to pick up some warm cloths and Bentley was gone. Hubby said last night he looked fine but that does not mean he realy did.

Foster looks fine. But who knows.

PS I brought my 5 gallon tank to my sisters. Getting some algae. The 55 is thriving with the neglect. Not even getting excel. The 75 looks fine too. Going tomorow to do water changes.

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Oh I'm so sorry :(

That's the hard thing about goldfish, they take a lot of care and attention. I've lost a few fish while out of town. Jim tries too, but really doesn't have a clue.

RIP Bentley :heart

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I am so sorry, poor little Bentley. How long have you not been able to take care of them? Is it more than a week since the last water change? :(

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No been gettting home for water changes. Going tomorrow for one a day early but still. There is no telling what happened. Looks llike he may of had fin rot. But know way to know for sure.

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