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I'm back



It's been a while since I've been on the forum; I mainly lurk around now. Some updates: I have since gone from a 55 gallon, to a 75 gallon, and now I have a 125 gallon for my goldfish. I don't have any of my original crew now :( This last month Red died shortly after her 5th birthday with me; she had a tumor that developed over the last two years, but it never seemed to bother her and she still was her spunky, active, and hungry self. Then when I came home from an errand and went to feed the fish I noticed she was bleeding profusely from the tumor! I quickly mover her to a quarantine tank and then did a 100% WC on my main tank. She died within a day. I am sad to lose her, but I do have many new goldfish friends since I was last on Kokos. I got a few new additions this week that are doing their time in quarantine now. If I can be good and keep you guys updated I will. I am still going to college while working as a dog/cat groomer. Fish keeping is my downtown hobby that I love and I am going to try and be more active here again, kokos always puts a smile on my face; plus hardly anyone gets my addiction to goldfish ;)



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