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It has been happening...dont stress!

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Thought I better up date and say...yes Ive definitely been doing water changes!

Actually I'm doing a mid week change as well to keep the nitrates at 0-2.5.

Mr Blacky Huge Eyes is growing so big! Tom and Moonee are also, actually Moonee is catching up to Tom very quickly. Considering He/she was half Toms size I think that is a good effort. :clapping:

I have a feeling Tom and Moonee are both female and Mr BHE is male :idont. Time will tell, I'm not too concern with knowing right now.

I'm using a new GH booster now called Continuum- Flora VIV GH+. I really like this (better than equilibrium by seachem), the plants seem to like it better and it dissolves so much easier which is a plus.

I will post some weigh ins and pics at some stage soon...its about time... :teehee

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