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QT for the new cuties!



Well I took the morning off to shop for Thanksgiving and I just couldn't wait any more. I drove by the mom and pop fish store and bought some new fish! :newfish

I got two tiny little lionheads about 1.5 inches long including tail, and 5 white cloud mountain minnows. I went home and did Trinket's 3 bucket method for introducing them to their new qt tank...


First bucket is temp matched, primed water with 2 tspn salt per gallon. I floated the bags in the first bucket for about 10 minutes and them poured the fish in.

Second bucket is temp matched, primed, water salted to 2 tspn per gallon. I scooped the fish out with my hands to avoid as much as possible transfering water from the previous bucket.

Third bucket is clean, temp matched, primed water before being scooped into the qt tank.

They were in each bucket for 10 to 15 minutes.

Here's one picture of the gang in the first bucket. The orange lionhead is more active than the other one and actually swam over to try to nibble on the tail of one of the minnows. I hope that's not a sign of things to come!


And finally, I scooped each fish into the qt tank and covered it with a towel to give them some time to settle in. See how tiny the goldies are? You can see one of the minnows in the top left corner of the tank. The rest were hiding behind the heater. They are FAST!! and quite nervous...more so than the goldies.


Shhh!! Fish resting!


Every one seems ok. The calico acted a bit stressed from the bag, but he/she was swimming around the qt and exploring by the time I left. One of the minnows sank to the bottom after each move, but then joined the group after a couple of minutes. I think that one is a female - she has a broader profile. It's fun to already see them schooling.

And as a bonus for reading this far, here's a shot of my housemate's kitties lounging.


Thanks for looking!

I'm very excited! :carrot::krazy:


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  • Regular Member

Yes! congrats on your new arrivals as well. I had been hoping for ranchu's but they just aren't available around here, and Tommy's are too rich for my blood.

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  • Regular Member

Very nice! Your blog is so fun! Love your pics of their homecoming and acclimation.

Oh, almost forgot to mention, the kitties are precious too.

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  • Regular Member

THanks for all the nice comments, everyone.

@Tithra - yes, it's an acrylic tank with a black back. It seems a bit dark, but at least the cables and stuff don't show and it's easy to hide the black filter parts.

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  • Regular Member

Aw, they're cute! For a second, I thought this was your new 55g tank, and I was confused. lol Cute cats too, they're look-alikes!

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The cats are littermates. The big one is dominant about food, but is a chicken about everything else. The small one is the big jungle kitty out in the yard exploring.

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