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Fluffy's new mansion - Pictures!

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Well, here are some pictures of the 55 gallon with Fluffy installed.

Full tank shot. I MUST do something about that filter intake. It's so ugly!!!


First planter


Very over exposed picture of Fluffy and the second planter. The vals seem to be melting, and the swords are a bit worse for wear from when Fluffy first tried to see if they were a snack!



Here you can see the crystal decoration - apparently it's a vintage thing from 25 or 30 years ago. I like it a lot. It lights up from inside and changes colors.


Fluffy seems very happy - digging through the gravel and swimming through the plants. I can already see that the gravel is not going to stay in the planters. Fluffy is already doing a good job of spreading it around. I may have to add a thin layer to the bottom of the tank so it doesn't look so messy!

Thanks for looking!


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MJ, it looks great! I really like the looks of your plants, planted in the planters. ( try saying that three times LOL)

I agree, Fluffy looks very happy. And cute too :)

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Looks great! Fluffy must love all that room :)

I'll bet you could find something at my mom's house to hide that filter intake ;)

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Every time I see a new pic of him, I am amazed over his growth. I remember when he was this wee little thing, and now he is transforming into such a stunning ryukin!

And OMG a 55 gallon tank! He must me so excited :D And when he has a buddy, he will be even more happy. I truly believe that these fish are happier with company, and in a 55 gallon tank you can easily get him a friend. (or Girlfriend! :D )

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Fluffy has grown into a really nice Ryukin and I'm glad. I hope he enjoys his new friends. He was watching intently as I was putting them into the qt tank.

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